AutoZone: Do They Offer GPS Trackers for Your Tracking Needs?

AutoZone: Do They Offer GPS Trackers for Your Tracking Needs?

In an age where technology is integral to our daily lives, GPS trackers have become a valuable tool for monitoring the location of vehicles, assets, and even loved ones. For those looking to purchase a GPS tracker, you might consider AutoZone, a well-known retailer in the automotive industry. But does AutoZone sell GPS trackers? Let’s navigate through the facts.

AutoZone’s GPS Solutions

AutoZone is recognized for its extensive range of automotive products, including GPS systems that aid in navigation⁴. While they offer various GPS antennas and Bluetooth receivers, their inventory is more focused on navigation assistance rather than surveillance¹.

Understanding the GPS Tracker Spectrum

It’s important to note that there is a distinction between GPS systems for navigation and GPS trackers for surveillance. AutoZone specializes in automotive products and, as such, their GPS offerings are tailored towards helping drivers find their way, not necessarily for tracking purposes³.

The Premier Bluetooth Tracker

However, AutoZone does carry a product known as the Premier Bluetooth Tracker². This device can be used to keep tabs on personal items, providing a level of tracking for those who need to keep an eye on their belongings.

Why Shop for GPS at AutoZone?

Shopping at AutoZone comes with benefits. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right product for your needs, whether it’s for navigation or keeping track of personal items. Additionally, AutoZone offers convenient shopping options, including online ordering with free shipping, next day delivery, or same-day in-store pickup¹.


While AutoZone may not specialize in surveillance GPS trackers, they do offer a selection of GPS-related products, including the Premier Bluetooth Tracker, that can serve the needs of consumers looking for navigation aids or basic tracking solutions. For those interested in more advanced tracking devices, it might be necessary to look elsewhere. But for navigation and personal item tracking, AutoZone has options that could fit the bill.

This blog post aims to clarify the types of GPS-related products available at AutoZone. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to visit AutoZone’s website or a local store to explore their current offerings.

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